Client Markets

Medical Scans and files

Researchers & Medical Institutions

Do you need a data retention plan for your scientific research, or a disaster recovery system for your medical records?
We offer secure, controlled file access options adapted to your needs.
Records can be stored safely for long-term retention. They can be purged periodically, or destroyed when the retention term expires.
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Crew filming on site and woman playing harp

Media & Performance Organizations

Do you need to put small libraries or extensive archives into a digital asset management system?
Automated processing can digitize raw footage and finished productions cost-effectively.
Cataloging records for a DAM or CMS can be created or converted, and we can safely store your files for access later.
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Museum mural of asian image and old book

Museum, Archive, Library Collections

Do you have recordings on film, video, or audiotapes that need to be digitized and stored?
We expertly digitize most types of audio-visual materials, books, documents and other fragile source materials.
We can help catalog and manage your content.
Find out how your collections can be digitized and preserved >>
Find out how your collections can be digitized and preserved >>