NIH Data Management and Sharing Repository Services

Beginning on January 25, 2023, all NIH researchers will be required to include a data management and sharing plan in all funding applications. The plan should be no longer than two pages, and must include a discussion of:

  • Data Types to be managed, preserved, and shared
  • Related Tools, Software, and/or Code required to access or manipulate shared scientific data
  • Standards to be applied to the data and associated metadata
  • Data Preservation, Access, and Associated Timelines
  • Access, Distribution, or Reuse considerations
  • Oversight of Data Management and Sharing

USC has created an NIH Data Management and Sharing Website providing guidance on the new NIH Rules, including an overview of key points, access to university-provided training and reference material, sample Data Sharing plans, FAQ’s, and additional resources.

With regard to the standards that repositories must meet to accomplish the purposes of Data Management and Sharing plans, NIH’s Rule emphasizes the importance of using repositories that meet a set of characteristics, including:

  • Unique persistent identifiers
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Metadata
  • Curation and Quality Assurance
  • Security and Integrity
  • Clear Use Guidance
  • Free and Easy Access

(For a list of all features NIH expects repositories to meet, please see Selection of a Data Repository: Desirable Characteristics)

In collaboration with the Office of Culture, Ethics, and Compliance and the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer, we are pleased to inform you that the Libraries offers the USC Digital Repository as a service to our NIH researchers who are looking for a repository solution that meets NIH’s expectations. We will supply text and a quote for costs to be added into your grants.  The quote will be per Terabyte of resulting data at $400/Terabyte preserved and made accessible for 6 years and $800/Terabyte preserved and made accessible for 20 years.  For example, a 10 Terabyte database preserved and made accessible through the USC Libraries for 20 years that meet the NIH data management plan requirements will have a one-time cost of $8,000.

For additional guidance on the new NIH Data Management and Sharing mandates, please visit USC’s NIH Data Management and Sharing Website, or contact the Office of Culture, Ethics, and Compliance at