Expert Preservation Services

We are a trusted repository that maintains best-in-class operational practices and technical procedures to continuously monitor bits and ensure files are protected in the long-term.

Trusted repository

Over an extended period of time, digital files can lose bits, become corrupted or unreadable, or disappear entirely.

  • The USC team considers maintaining file integrity to be one of our most critical responsibilities.
  • We follow a set of standard technical procedures and best operational practices to continuously monitor bits and ensure that files will be protected long term.
  • The Digital Repository also maintains multiple mirrored locations for file redundancy to provide disaster recovery.
  • This includes superior systems that guarantee bit preservation, personnel with deep experience managing diverse and critical collections, and other key characteristics associated with maintaining secure, reliable long-term preservation and access to complex digital content.
  • Even a small set of source materials will be treated with the same care and expertise as large collections, using technology tools and a storage plan appropriate to size and access needs.
  • The Digital Repository is in the process of meeting the rigorous management and operational standards to be certified as a trusted digital repository.

Planning Worksheet

Developing an appropriate preservation plan, plus calculating costs for digitizing, preserving and storing files depends on a number of interrelated factors:

  • The type of source material
  • The size of the collection
  • If metadata needs to be added
  • If an asset-management or content-management system is needed
  • How the files will be stored
  • The need to access the files once they are in storage

This downloadable worksheet will help you get started.