Close up image of the inside of a hard drive.


Because we maintain several different systems for large-volume digital file storage, we can offer flexible, affordable options for both large and small collections or data sets.

Affordable On-Site Storage

  • We have high-speed, high-performance disk storage and low-demand tape storage for either short- or long-term basis, or both.
  •  The USC Digital Repository currently has 160PB storage capacity on-site, which is being expanded.
  • We can store your files on inexpensive high-volume data tapes designed for infrequent file retrieval, or cloud storage, which offers instant access but at a higher cost.
  • Access is available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux platforms.

Flexible Cloud Storage

  • Through an innovative partnership with EMC, we can offer highly secure and encrypted storage options that are mirrored between multiple locations.
  • We can offer iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, HTTPS and many other protocols for rapid file retrieval and interaction with content.
  • This is designed specifically to provide archive storage for large files such as HD videos and high-resolution images.
  • We can accept archive files from Symantec Net-Backup, Backup Exec, and Comm Vault.

USC Digital Repository is a certified Dell Cloud Services Provider offering multiple tiers of storage solutions to solve our clients data management, backup, archive, geo-spread multi-site, and disaster recovery needs.


    Industry leading, Scale-out NAS with unmatched agility and performance for unstructured data.
    • Data Protection built directly into the architecture (N+1 Protection)
    • The leading Replication tool on the market Sync IQ for disaster recovery
    • Integration with Aspera
    • Use Cases; Multi-protocol Access for CIFS, NFS, SMB, HTTP, HDFS, or REST
      • Leverage for content ingest, performant based file storage, or an active archive

    Dell Data Protection Suite

    Best-of-breed data protection tools providing you choice and flexibility in protecting your most critical assets, data.
    • Flexibility to deploy across both physical and virtual environments
    • Unmatched speed and de-duplication rates when paired with Data Domain
    • VMware and diverse application integration to ensure interoperability and ease
    • Covers the entire data protection continuum including replication, snapshots, backups, and archive