USC Selects Imagen2 For Asset Management

Regional Film and Video

Cambridge Imaging Systems, digital archive management providers, has announced that the University of Southern California Digital Repository (USCDR) has selected Imagen2 to provide fully-hosted media asset management for its customers.

The USC’s Digital Repository service provides commercial and not-for-profit organisations with operational and technical procedures for the long-term preservation of media assets.

According to USC Digital Repository Executive Director and USC Libraries Associate Dean, Sam Gustman: "Imagen2 will help us deliver a flexible SaaS service for those needing content management, as well as our other cloud archive services, which range from digitisation and cataloging to long term digital preservation."

Tom Blake, Managing Director, Cambridge Imaging Systems, added: "Some of the world’s most renowned brands are looking to the USC’s Digital Repository to store historically significant archives. Imagen2 allows these digital archives to be accessed and enjoyed via a simple web-interface. Depending on the nature of the content this also allows new business models to emerge, generating revenues which will ultimately fund the archives long term survival."