New Magazine Launches in Los Angeles to Connect International Audiovisual Archival Community

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AV Insider, a new magazine targeting the international audiovisual archival community, was announced and launched today at the Screening the Future conference, an event hosted by the USC Digital Repository, a joint effort of the USC Libraries, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute, and USC Information Technology Services. Over 200 conference attendees received an inaugural copy of the magazine.

AV Insider introduces readers to digital AV media preservation news, showcasing current topics, new developments and future perspectives. The new quarterly magazine is intended to appeal to a readership of thought leaders and decision makers in the widely dispersed world of AV production companies, filmmakers, TV producers, specialist archives, technology developers, vendors, strategists, funders, and policy makers. The magazine introduces readers to digital AV media preservation, showcasing current issues, new developments and future perspectives in their domain.

The PrestoCentre Foundation, an Amsterdam based non-profit supporting audiovisual industry professionals in keeping their archival collections available in the long term, will publish AV Insider.

“The interest for audiovisual media preservation in society, industry and business is enormous,” said Marius Snyders, editor-in-chief. “Besides film and broadcast, applications of audiovisual include art performances, environmental monitoring, earth observation, corporate training, advertising and product support, meetings recording, medical imaging, and many more.”

“With AV Insider, readers get the inside scoop on the happenings within the wide range of organisations that are part of the AV digital preservation landscape, said Jan Müller, President of the PrestoCentre Foundation. “They’ll meet the people laying the bricks that shape the present and future of our AV cultural heritage, hearing about the most pressing issues, questions and ideas at the forefront of decisions and changes within their archives.”


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