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The Repository is anchored by a strong technical backbone, powered by one of the nations' most powerful academic supercomputers.

Global High-Speed File Access

  • We are connected to more than 100 high-performance research and education networks worldwide.
  • These include high-speed Internet2 and National LambdaRail interconnections which  ensure optimal file access performance anywhere across the globe.
  • We also maintain a system of storage nodes located strategically throughout the world.
  • These support efficient file uploads and downloads, plus real-time, on-demand streaming.
  • The system also provides replicated copies in multiple locations for disaster recovery.

Transfer Files from Anywhere

  • We can transfer any size collection of files, from anywhere in the world, safely into the Digital Repository.
  • We can provide rapid Web access and file uploading globally, based on connections to geographically-dispersed storage nodes which are interconnected by high-speed networks worldwide.
  • The network supports efficient content downloads and real-time, on-demand streaming.
  • Files can be retrieved for an entire collection or broken down into smaller elements such as by page or by shot, based on keyword tagging or similar added metadata.

Secure Distribution Networks

  • If you don’t have the capacity yourself, our content distribution network (CDN) can make your digital collection or data sets available securely, rapidly, and reliably.
  • The Digital Repository can arrange content delivery through commercial CDNs that specialize in video and rich media.
  • If you need specialized remote access to large data files, we have the disk storage space required, coupled with direct access to large-scale, high-performance distributed computing networks.
  • We support file server access which offers high-quality, high-bandwidth file management capabilities to access, manage and manipulate large digital collections locally.

Controlled Access

  • Access to files and collections can be strictly controlled. 
  • File security and privacy are guaranteed.
  • We can implement a schedule for routine file removal and destruction.