As part of the University of Southern California, one of the world’s leading private research universities, the Digital Repository won’t be merged, sold, or go out of business. You can be assured that we’ll be here as long as you need us.

The Digital Repository has a robust technological backbone and provides a secure environment for digital assets.


  • Large-scale digitization
  • Information technology and security
  • Imaging services
  • Physical preservation
  • Metadata
  • Mass-conversion media preservation 
  • Cataloging systems
  • Design and deployment of software infrastructures
  • Flexible storage options

Sound Infrastructure

  • USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) is the seventh fastest academic supercomputer in the U.S.
  • It is comprised of two Linux clusters with more than 24 terabytes of combined memory and more than 490 terabytes of temporary disk storage.
  • Each cluster is connected by a bidirectional, low-latency Myrinet fiber network. The HPCC currently is at 149.9 teraflops on benchmark tests.

Secure Environment

  • Our data center is housed in a secure, well-guarded facility with a two-stage fire suppression system and backup power to make it unaffected by utility interruptions.
  • USC’s Information Technology Services (ITS) unit maintains an information security group that monitors systems against any outside threats.
  • USC’s ITS unit also works with the Digital Repository team to establish best practices and policies for firewalls, vulnerability scanning and other critical efforts to ensure optimal security.

The USC Digital Repository is a collaborative effort between the USC Libraries, USC Shoah Foundation, and USC Information Technology Services. Each of these USC units brings a unique portfolio of technical and content experience, supporting an unrivaled combination of research, pedagogy, preservation, and infrastructure expertise.

USC Libraries

The USC Libraries provide archiving, imaging and metadata services for its own collections and for the extensive holdings of the USC Digital Library, as well as those housed in the USC Digital Repository. The Libraries provide the collection management, curation and metadata creation services that are essential to the center’s success within the academic research community and to others.

USC Shoah Foundation

Founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation was created to record testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust. The collection became part of USC in 2006 and now contains nearly 52,000 video testimonies from more than 50 countries.

The USC Shoah Foundation works with governmental entities, nongovernmental organizations, universities and other partners around the world to accomplish its work. With special expertise handling sensitive content, it is a leader in developing pedagogical methodologies to deliver unique archival material to educational settings, ranging from secondary to higher education scholarships.

Many of the systems and software employed by the Digital Repository originated while collecting these testimonies, such as developing the Visual History Archive, which is the on-line interface used to search and access testimonies. We also developed patented software in the areas of cataloging and indexing large collections, and efficient systems for mass-conversion and media preservation.

USC Information Technology Services (ITS) 

ITS draws on its own technological and expert resources to provide additional, revenue-generating consultative services to the Digital Repository. Such services potentially include consulting on digital preservation for external clients and leveraging the High Performance Computing center to deliver humanities-based content to scholars and educators around the world. Beyond distributing costs across a larger number of client groups, building the capacity to provide these services will allow USC to become a leader in advanced scholarly preservation practices as well as a conceptual leader in the field.


 Sam Gustman
Associate Dean for Technologies at the USC Libraries
CTO of the USC Shoah Foundation

Sam has nearly two decades of leadership experience in information technology, which includes his role as chief technology officer for the USC Shoah Foundation, and serving as the primary investigator on various National Science Foundation research projects with cumulative funding of more than $8 million.

Sam is responsible for, among other things, the operations, preservation and cataloging of the USC Shoah Foundation 8-petabyte digital library, one of the largest public video databases in the world.  Sam also serves as associate dean at the USC Libraries, where he holds a faculty appointment and is in charge of information technology.

 Linda Truong
Senior Director
USC Digital Repository

Linda directs the business functions of the Digital Repository, which includes budget management, reporting and the development of strategic partnerships. Linda has nearly two decades of operations and program management experience, which includes USC Library IT, where she also serves as senior director of information technology.

She held positions with the U.S.-China Institute at USC, and UCLA’s Asia Institute, where her responsibilities included everything from marketing and program development to grant writing, publications management and coordinating study abroad programs in East Asia and Shanghai.

Technology Staff

Robert Alvarez, Systems Administrator

Robert has over ten years experience administering Windows and Linux systems in an academic setting. Robert currently maintains key storage systems for the Digital Repository including our Dell-EMC file server environment.

Brian Belak, Video Archivist & Post-Production Specialist

Brian has an extensive background in media preservation and digitization. Brian earned an MLIS in Media Archival Studies at UCLA in 2021 and has also been a co-organizer of Los Angeles Home Movie Days as part of the Los Angeles Archives Bazaar for the past few years.

Nicolas Camardo, Digital Imaging and Content Manager

Nicholas specializes in the digitization of motion picture film, audio tape, and video tape. He also provides support and expertise to the USC Shoah Foundation. Prior to USC, Nicholas raised funds and organized production for a human rights short documentary and spent time working with motion picture film archivists to learn the craft of film digitization and preservation practices. Nicholas graduated with Honors from St. John Fisher College, earning a degree in Media and Communication and Digital Cultures & Technologies.

Mills Chang, Senior Software Architect

Mills joined USC in 2008 with more than two decades experiences in software development, specializing in databases, .Net and search engines. He leads the development team and oversees the software development for the USC Digital Repository and the USC Shoah Foundation. Mills received his Master in Computer Science from USC in 2002.

Catherine Gao, Program Manager

Catherine graduated from USC as a business major, worked at USC as a student, and after a brief stint in the private sector, came back to USC as a full-time employee for the USC U.S-China Institute. She currently manages projects and client services for the Digital Repository.

Will McCown, Senior Technical Project Manager

Will comes to USC with 25 years of experience in the Motion Picture Post Production, Animation and Special Effects industry.  Will has extensive experience in IT infrastructure for digital media as well as Color Science and Image Processing.

Hoan Tran, Unix System Administrator

Hoan has over 15 years of experience in software development and operations. Hoan specializes in managing systems engineering, system administration, and information systems security.

Trevor Williams, Programmer Analyst