Tech Specs

The Digital Repository has a robust technological backbone and provides a secure environment for digital assets.

Sound Infrastructure

  • USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) is the seventh fastest academic supercomputer in the U.S.
  • It is comprised of two Linux clusters with more than 24 terabytes of combined memory and more than 490 terabytes of temporary disk storage.
  • Each cluster is connected by a bidirectional, low-latency Myrinet fiber network. The HPCC currently is at 149.9 teraflops on benchmark tests.

Secure Environment

  • Our data center is housed in a secure, well-guarded facility with a two-stage fire suppression system and backup power to make it unaffected by utility interruptions.
  • USC’s Information Technology Services (ITS) unit maintains an information security group that monitors systems against any outside threats.
  • USC’s ITS unit also works with the Digital Repository team to establish best practices and policies for firewalls, vulnerability scanning and other critical efforts to ensure optimal security.